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Return Path ECOA is now FreshAddress

On December 12, 2008 Return Path sold its ECOA (Email Change of Address) business to FreshAddress, LLC. If you were a member of Return Path's consumer website, there is nothing you need to do. Your free service is continuing, just under a different brand name.

Who is FreshAddress?

Founded in 1999 and based in Newton, Massachusetts, we are the original developer and U.S. patent holder of email change of address (ECOA) technology. Our services allow individuals and companies to stay in touch when email addresses change.

What is ECOA?

ECOA, or Email Change of Address, is a free service for individuals such as yourself to announce that you changed your email address.

One you register, your friends can visit the website anytime they need to find your updated email address. In addition, many email lists and newsletters use ECOA to stay current. But before they are updated you'll always get sent an email to confirm you want to stay subscribed

What are the benefits of the FreshAddress ECOA service?

When you change your email address you will only need to update your FreshAddress account and then all of your friends will be able to see your newly updated information. It will also keep you in contact with any newsletters or companies that you have signed up with.

How much does the ECOA service cost?

Nothing! There is absolutely no cost to be an individual member. FreshAddress derives revenue from its offerings to companies.

Will I get more unsolicited or junk mail (spam)?

No. The transfer from Return Path to FreshAddress won't put you on new lists nor increase the amount of spam you receive. FreshAddress strongly opposes unsolicited bulk mail and works hard to protect your email addresses. Read more about it in FreshAddress's Privacy Policy.

Is the FreshAddress service secure?

Yes! Only those people or companies who knew one of your old email addresses will be able to find out your new email address.

Will FreshAddress forward email from my old address to my new one?

No. FreshAddress is not an email forwarding service, only a directory of changed email addresses.

Can I get a new email address or check my email with FreshAddress?

No. FreshAddress does not provide new email addresses and you cannot send or receive email through their website.

If I'm a former Return Path member, what do I have to do to use the FreshAddress free service?

Absolutely nothing. Your Return Path membership has been automatically transferred to FreshAddress. If this is your first time here, visit our Transition Status page to finish the conversion of your account.

What if I have had an email address change since I first signed up with Return Path?

Great! That's exactly what an ECOA service is for! Please visit our Email Change page to add your new email address.

How do I unsubscribe?

All Return Path members were sent an email confirmation of the data transfer, and an opportunity to unsubscribe. If you did this, your data was not be migrated to FreshAddress and your Email Change of Address services ceased. Alternatively, if the transfer has already occurred, you can remove yourself from the FreshAddress service going to our Membership Cancellation page.